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Cartsen Project Thrive — CDP

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Cartsen's Project Thrive is built on the principle of Equality and Wellness for all. We gear towards providing better living environments at scale.

Our Community Development Program (CDP) aim at improving the well-being of everyone at large through multiple sector projects that are aimed at the root causes of issues that negatively impact the community. Additionally, as a gateway to a healthy productivity, we establish corrective feedback loops on available great gifts that can be maintained and accelerated on the day to day must solve problems and outcomes.

Our Role: Quite a number of sectors work in meeting people's needs however, in many cases there are gaps where some people don’t get what they need to live healthy, productive lives. Cartsen's Project Thrive helps in solving these problems. This is the basis of our foundation.

OUR Mission

We are focused on the actual results. Results that can be measured and in ways beyond numbers. By identifying what we want to accomplish for communities and where we can have the greatest impact, we have established effective solutions. Our gold-standard RCTs include:

  • Spurring community innovations
  • Generating high-quality data at scale
  • Engaging in multicultural collaborations
  • Conducting contextualized research
  • Delivering quality to the impoverished

Cartsen Volunteers

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DIVERSITY EQuity &, Inclusion

Our foundation is based on a simple premise — that people everywhere, regardless of their identity or circumstances, should have the chance to live a healthy, productive life. We focus on our DEI in-house and with our co-parties to help us achieve our desired impact. Our DEI encompasses.

  • Diversity
    A broad array of differences in identity, perspective, skill, and style.
  • Equity
    Practices and policies that are just, transparent, and consistent.
  • Inclusion
    An environment that actively welcomes, connects, and values all while harming none.